Please review:

There are three different PDF forms that need to be downloaded, printed and completed to bring to the first appointment. 



In my practice, I offer psychotherapy for individuals, couples, family and group (when available). I generally deal with issues of loss and grief, life transitions, relationships, issues during childhood, and anxiety and depression.  


If you already have an appointment scheduled please scroll down to the bottom of the page to download and print the forms to bring to your initial appointment.



WE START WITH A PHONE CALLI welcome you to call me to see if it feels right before even making an appointment. I will start by asking the question, “what are you looking for in therapy?” The phone conversation will flow from there.  In this first phone discussion, we are both getting a sense if we want to proceed with making an appointment to further discuss your issue(s).  


INITIAL APPOINTMENTYou and I meet face to face. You share your story in more detail and get a sense of what it feels like to be in my presence, talk with me, and share more about yourself.  We go from there…..


DECIDING FOR YOURSELF IF IT FEELS LIKE A GOOD FIT - You might know in a phone call, you might know in the first visit, or it might take longer for you get a sense if this feels right for your needs.  I encourage people to trust their intuition and gut impression when you are meeting me and deciding if my practice feels right for you to proceed further.   


The bottom line is, I want you to work with someone who can help you, who can guide you to be better, and who will bring you to the new place you desire to be. 


If we start working together and I feel that I can’t help you, or that we are not a good fit I will also tell you. Furthermore, if after one or several sessions you don’t feel that we are a good fit – it is okay!  You absolutely need and deserve what is right for you.