Depth Psychological Reflections - Dream

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Welcome to the beginning of my blog “Reflections from a Depth Psychologist.” To understand the richness of this field, I hope to write about different psychological issues or topics using a depth psychological lens. To start, I am choosing to write about dreams.

Dream - Soul is Talking to you

Why are dreams so important? Well, have you ever had a dream that makes absolutely no sense but you cannot stop thinking about it? Have you had a dream that leaves you experiencing a certain feeling, or reminiscing over a past time in your life? Or perhaps a dream has helped you to prepare for a future event in your life. Has a dream ever left you wondering about a certain person you have not seen for a long time? Or, has a dream ever helped you reach your creative spirit inspiring you to finish a beautiful piece of work?

The list of what you see in your dreams and how they can affect your awakened life goes on and on. Simply stated, dreams carry a lot of weight. As a clinician, I believe that when a client brings a dream to psychotherapy, the client’s psyche has opened the door and is inviting the individual to look deeper inside within the self. The next step is then to write it down for safe keeping.

Once you have gone through the dream in its entirety and written it down to the best of your memory, the exploration of the dream begins. Take note, exploring a dream does not mean analyzing it. Keeping yourself from analyzing it is easier said than done. To shift out of this phase think of entering into a space of curiosity. With the curiosity cap on, ask the dream why a certain image presented itself in your dream. What is its purpose and meaning? Begin to think of the dream as a message from your soul and let it be your guide. Sit quietly, and patiently for answers to come up. Shhh! Listen! What do you hear?

The more you work your dreams you may find a pattern or a theme showing up. Think of this as a way of your soul communicating what it is trying to work through from a much deeper place inside. While it may not make sense at first, you might begin to see how it relates directly to your daily conscious life in time.

If you believe in the validity of dreams, then consider how dreams can help when you feel stuck, are in transition, experiencing a difficult time, or in the process of making an important life decision. Whatever the case, the more you pay attention to your dreams, the better chances are that you will find significance in the images displayed in your dream. In some instances, you may have an “aha” experience. New insights, or ideas may come gushing forward directly impacting your life.

As a result, you may find there to be more than one message. Keep in mind, there is no right or wrong answer when you come up with the message(s). The point is that if your interpretation touches you in a deep and meaningful way, then you are on the right track.

Marion Woodman stated in Dreams: Language of the Soul “In Dream Tending, the world of dream is the world of the soul. The more you work with the dream the more you are stunned by the memory, knowledge of the future, subtlety of emotion, and hidden knowledge that is in the image. The power of it is that it brings you together; it rings a bell right through your psyche and your body. You may have thought something was going on in conscious life but dream will be telling you the unconscious response from the soul position and it may be quite different from what you anticipated.”

I invite you to start writing down your dreams. And, if you are saying to yourself, “I never remember my dreams” just start saying to yourself before you close your eyes at night, “I am going to remember my dreams.” Do not think for a minute that you must have an elaborate dream to be worth considering as real or worthy. If all you remember is a brief image write it down.

In conclusion, dream images are the way your soul tries to talk to you. Dreams are the language of the soul as Marion Woodman put it. So, are you willing to tend to your dreams and make them an enriched part of your life? Will you listen? Will you attempt to translate the meaning of the dream images in your conscious life? We are not dream tending until we make the time to do so. Dream tending is the act of writing them down and engaging with the images. If you are intrigued and would like more guidance in this process of understanding your dreams, I invite you to give me a call for an appointment.

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