Soleil Lunar Psychotherapy Center

Dr. Liesl is how my clients refer to me in my practice. Soleil Lunar Psychotherapy Center is essentially an extension of my private practice.   


Explanation of the logo with the sun and moon


As a depth psychologist, the symbol of the sun and moon holds great meaning to my work and how I conceptualize and think about various psychological conditions.  


Soleil (So-lay-ah) is the French word for sun. It is also the symbol for the conscious.  Lunar (Loo-nar) is the French word for moon and symbolizes the unconscious. The idea is that as the therapeutic process evolves there is a blending between elements of the conscious and unconscious. A significant part of what causes psychological distress is when difficult psychological experiences fall more into the unconscious. Why? Because this means we are then not aware of all that is involved in our psyche and as a result, this could eventually show up as sudden or random anxiety and/or depression. Through careful exploration and analysis, elements of the unconscious may eventually come into the consciousness. When this occurs, the psyche is giving space and movement for the individual to work through and let go of distress that has been locked up inside for some time.  


To learn more about how to conceptualize your cases from a depth psychological perspective, I provide consultation to current licensed mental health professionals who are interested in gaining a new perspective in how to understand their clients’ issues. While the theoretical orientation may not be something one puts into practice, it provides a very complete and thorough understanding from a deeper perspective with what is going on for the client.  


In time, Soleil Lunar will also be providing small continuing education classes that are meant for teaching different theories within the area of depth psychology. Please stay tuned. 


Significance of dreams

In depth psychology, dreams are considered an invitation into understanding the unconscious. 

Freud stated;

“The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities.”  


Jung stated;

“Nights through dreams tell the myths of the day.”  

Initially dreams may often seem “crazy” or completely incomprehensible. Yet, working with the images of the dream more thoughtfully, new insights or reflections may be stimulated resulting in gaining more understanding of the psychological distress the person has been undergoing.