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A Word from Dr. Liesl

Imagine yourself standing on top of the mountain in the picture above all by yourself. No one is around.  You are all alone.  It is quiet.  Quiet enough to hear your inner voice telling you that something feels off inside but you cannot put your finger on it.  You wonder if seeking psychotherapy might be helpful.


Do you feel anxious, or depressed? Do you have a story to tell that no one has heard before? Are you dissatisfied with the direction life has taken you? Do you desire to have more intimate relationships but do not know how to make that happen? Or, are you in a major life transition of some sort that the unknown is all you know at this time?  


Regardless of the issue, you probably feel significant distress in addition to many other descriptors unique to you and your story. Whatever the case may be, I applaud you for taking the courage to finally begin the process of improving yourself and your life around you.  


Hi, I’m Dr. Liesl. As a clinical psychologist, I strive to help my clients reach their full potential. Despite the curve balls life presents you with, I believe you have a choice in what you make of them moving forward. Whether you experience deep losses, significant pain, unrelenting grief or heartaches, I believe you can move past them. Not forget them, but work through them and eventually use what you’ve learned from the experience as you enter into a new chapter of your life.  


Tragedies in life do not have to hinder you. Instead, consider them as opportunities for turning your life in a direction that feels meaningful and satisfactory. Making this happen is not easy, but possible. With that said, when considering psychotherapy as one way to help you, you are making a conscious decision to grow and improve your set of circumstances. 


Obviously you seek professional help because living in a less than adequate space within yourself is not acceptable for you. Your general desired outcome is change. Change that is powerful, effective, transformational, beneficial, and meaningful.  Change to this extent does not occur until the root of the issue is reached.  Is this what you want and are looking for in your therapy?  If so, I invite you to continue reading along about myself as a clinician, my practice and the services I offer.

About Me


As you may be considering what would be the best fit for you, I will tell you that as a practitioner with over 20 years of experience, I am highly motivated to help people understand their problems with the hope of eventually being able to put them to rest or at least to live with them in a new way that does not cause as much distress. In doing so, I strive to implement a strong set of skills and knowledge to be the best help I can be. 

Dr. Liesl | Liesl Scalzitti, PhD

License numbers | PSY 24341 | LCS 19447